P362 ‘Sandbox’ approved

P362 ‘Introducing BSC arrangements to facilitate an electricity market sandbox’ was implemented on 28 August 2018 in an ad-hoc release. The Modification enables the BSC Panel to consider applications from BSC Parties and non-Parties for temporary changes to parts of the BSC, enabling them to trial innovative products and services in the market.

P362 process
Applications to Ofgem’s Sandbox which require a BSC derogation will be sent to ELEXON for assessment. We will determine whether it thinks a derogation is necessary, and perform risk and impact assessments before consulting with industry and presenting the results to the BSC Panel. The Panel will then make a recommendation to Ofgem, who will decide whether or not to grant derogation. All derogations are time limited (up to a maximum of three years) and may come with other conditions attached.

How you can apply
When the electricity market sandbox opens applications will be received via Ofgem’s Innovation Link. You can find more information on Ofgem’s website.


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