Participants needed for 2018 profiling sample

Each year the Profile Administrator (PrA) sends Sample Participant requests to selected Non-Half Hourly Suppliers in order to obtain sample data used to develop the average usage patterns of Non-Half Hourly metering through Profile coefficients.

Help shape the data

The first stage of the Profiling process is the sample design. The Profile Administrator (PrA) samples are grouped by  Profile Class (PC) for PC1 to PC4. They are designed to provide an accurate estimate of the load pattern for each Class of customers for use in Settlement.

If you receive a request from ELEXON, via our service provider Morrison Data Services (MDS), about this process we would value your help. The request will be broken down by Market Participant ID (MPID) and will detail the number of Sample Participants required for each Grid Supply Point (GSP) Group/Profile Class/consumption band combination.

Suppliers are responsible for recruiting customers and providing data for the Profiling sample.

We suggest using customers with smart metering installed, as this will make it easier to gather half-hourly data. This data is then sent to ELEXON’s Data Gatherer/Sample Manager, MDS, who provide this service on our behalf.

When retrieving the data, Suppliers have two options:

  • Appoint MDS as the Agent to collect the data on your behalf; or
  • Appoint their own Agents who will be responsible for collecting the data and providing this to MDS.

Responding to the Sampling Request

Complete the sample request, remembering to state whether you will use your own or the PrA’s agents for each MSID, and then send to

Although some fields are stated as being optional, the more detailed information you can give the more likely the site will be accepted into the sample.

What are Profiles?

We create Profiles (daily, seasonal, yearly, per day type, etc.) for each  non Half-Hourly Profile Class 1 to 4. Historically, half-hourly meters were installed at sample sites to collect data, but as these secondary meters are being removed they are being replaced in the sample with half-hourly consumption data received directly from Suppliers.

These samples are designed to provide Profiles that are representative of all meters in each Profile Class.

The current target sample size is 2,500 customers across all Profile Classes across the country. This sample includes non half-hourly customers (domestic, commercial and industrial) across PC 1, 2, 3 and 4.

Modification P272: Mandatory Half Hourly Settlement for Profile Classes 5-8 was implemented on 1 April 2017 and ELEXON is no longer required to provide profiling for PC5 to 8. As such, these are no longer requested in the sample.

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