Participate in DWG’s consultation on its preferred TOM

On Friday 15 February, Ofgem published a report from the ELEXON-led Design Working Group (DWG) on the DWG’s preferred Target Operating Model (TOM) for Market-wide Half Hourly Settlement (MHHS). Development of the TOM forms part of Ofgem’s Significant Code Review (SCR) on Electricity Settlement Reform.

Now, the DWG would like your views on the TOM and has today issued a consultation.

The response deadline is Friday 15 March 2019.

How it relates to you

This is your opportunity to comment on the TOM for MHHS as designed by the DWG, before Ofgem makes the final decision on whether to approve it.

MHHS is a fundamental reform which will impact both existing and future participants in the energy market.

The DWG therefore encourages views from all stakeholders.


Please email responses using the response form on the consultation page of our website.

The deadline for any responses is 15 March 2019.

Background to the DWG

The Design Working Group (DWG) is an Ofgem industry group, chaired and facilitated by ELEXON.

The DWG has met monthly since October 2017. In Stage 1 of its work it developed five high-level ‘skeleton’ TOM options, on which it consulted in spring 2018.

Since then, in Stage 2, the DWG has developed the more detailed service requirements, evaluated the five different TOMs in light of Ofgem’s Design Principles and policy steers, and chosen a preferred TOM.


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