Planned downtime for ELEXON website this Thursday

Customers of the ELEXON website will experience a short amount of planned downtime on 7 December between 18:00 and 18:15.

How will I be impacted?

The website will be unavailable during the planned downtime.

The downtime will allow us to introduce some technical enhancements to the website as part of our ongoing development of the services the site offers to our customers.

About the changes


Currently we have a single list of all consultations located within the Change area of the website. This list includes both Change Consultations and Other Consultations, such as those affecting the Performance Assurance Framework techniques.

We are now dividing this into a distinct Change Consultations list and a separate Other Consultations list so that the different types of consultations can appear in a more logical place within the website.

Change Consultations will remain in the Change area of the website and will include any consultation issued within the Modification process (Ps), Change Proposal process (CPs) or Issues process.

Other Consultations, such as those affecting Metering, Credit Assessment Price, Risk Evaluation Methodology etc, will be located within the appropriate subject areas of the website, eg BSC & Codes, Operations & Settlement, and Market Entry & Compliance.

However, there will be a combined list of Change Consultations and Other Consultations in the About the Industry area of the website. This area also includes the list of ELEXON Responses to Industry Consultations.

Archive status

As part of our review of the information published on the website we are introducing a rolling programme to archive selected content.

This does not mean that content will be deleted. It will be moved further down the site structure or within site-search results. If content is removed from the website it will still be accessible on request.

The new archive status is based on the potential lifecycle of the content. For example, content identified as closed or of a certain date will be archived.

Content selected for archive will present an archive statement at the top of the respective page.

Table of proposed lifecycle for selecting archived content

Content Type Archiving schedule
Change proposals 24 months after it is closed

(implemented/ rejected/withdrawn )

Standing modification group issues 24 months after it is closed

(implemented/ rejected/withdrawn )

Modifications 24 months after it is closed

(implemented/ rejected/withdrawn )

Change Consultations
( Mod & CP)
24 months after Mod/ CP is closed

(implemented/ rejected/withdrawn )

Other Consultations
(Subjects like PAF)
12 months after the consultation is closed
ELEXON Responses to Industry Consultation 12 months after the consultation is closed
Releases Older than  24 month
Committees Meetings Older than 24 month


We are interested in obtaining any feedback or suggestions about the website from our customers. This will help us develop the site and its content to meet your needs.


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