Project TERRE: read the latest information on Industry Working Groups

We have created new pages on the ELEXON website about the five P344 ‘Project TERRE’ Industry Working Groups (IWGs).
BSC Modification P344 is due to be implemented on 28 February 2019 as part of the February 2019 BSC Release, subject to Ofgem’s final decision which is expected imminently.
In advance of P344 implementation, we are required to develop the processes in support of the P344 obligations; these processes will be part of the Code Subsidiary Documents (CSDs). In order to engage with industry during the development of these processes and documents, ELEXON has established the five IWGs. These are:

  • IWG 1 Registration processes
  • IWG 2 Secondary Balancing Mechanism Units (SBMUs) Metering Systems Identifiers (MSID)
  • IWG 3 Half Hourly Data Aggregators (HHDAs)
  • IWG 4 MSID Pairs
  • IWG 5 Performance Assurance Framework (PAF)

The web pages for these IWGs will give you information on membership, related news, meeting dates and documents. They can be found on the Industry Working Groups section of our website.


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