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ELEXON’s Trading Operations Report (TOR) provides a market-level overview of key events, issues or incidents over the last month, a wide range of statistics on the energy industry and a suite of market graphs.

The June TOR, published on the Trading Operations Reports page of our website, includes a graph on Credit Defaults/Credit Cover Percentages. 

In June 2018, 17 Credit Default notices were sent to 12 different Parties, compared to 27 notices sent to 16 Parties in May 2018. A Credit Default notice is issued for a Credit Cover Percentage over 80%. 

There was one Party in Level 1 Credit Default for eight consecutive days in June 2018; however this was resolved when the Party was able to lower their level of indebtedness. Parties can be in Level 1 Credit Default for 90 continuous days before the Default is escalated to the BSC Panel.

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