Review our 2019/2020 Draft Business Plan

This is your opportunity to send us your comments and feedback on our Draft Business Plan. The comments you send in will then enable us to refine the final version and guide our business activities for the coming year.

Have your say

We value your feedback about the Draft Business Plan and you can send any comments to the Communications team at

The closing date for comments is the 21 January.

Why not join our webinar

We are also hosting a webinar on 15 January at 10:30 where we will talk through the Business Plan in more detail. You will have an opportunity to ask us questions on any aspect of the plan.

Outline business priorities

We know that the energy market continues to change at an ever increasing pace and our Business Plan reflects how we will evolve to support you while maintaining our high standards of service.

The Plan proposes that we develop new market solutions that support regulatory and government policy and actively facilitate innovation to benefit our customers and consumers.

Strategic priorities

We have identified a number of strategic priorities where we will focus our efforts during the year.

  • Quality delivery – continuing with our quality delivery by actively managing our services to deliver in a reliable, economic and efficient way
  • Innovation – enabling innovation by enhancing and evolving our services to support industry changes and development of the energy market
  • Engagement – increasing engagement by working in partnership to enable ‘whole –system’ approach and industry convergence
  • Customer centric – becoming more customer centric by improving the customer experience and developing richer customer relationships
  • Simplification and consolidation – identifying simplification and consolidation opportunities  by reducing and complexity and fragmentation
  • Digital services – creating a digital platform to meet the changing energy market
  • Talented people – sharing our talented people by developing our end-to-end service capabilities to enable industry to benefit from our experience


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