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Switched On! ELEXON’s 2017 Customer Survey coming soon

Posted: 6 September 2017

We are always looking to enhance and improve the services we provide to our customers, so each year we conduct a customer survey. Even though in 2016, we received our most positive set of results ever for our own independent survey, results that were endorsed by the findings of Ofgem’s own survey of code administrators where we received the highest net satisfaction rating; we still looked to address the feedback we received.

Over the last year, we increased the number of executive customer visits to help us understand your business better so we can improve the service and expert support we provide. This has included increasing our training offerings, by introducing webinars alongside our training videos, training seminars and face-to-face bespoke training. Although our OSM (Operational Support Manager) and new market entrant services are already highly regarded, we have continued to enhance and improve the process, guidance and support.

We’ve also been working on our long-term project to improve the ELEXON website. The project, which will continue throughout 2017/18, is using the feedback we have already received to help us identify our customers’ needs and website improvements. While we continue with the redesign, we identified some enhancements that would help you in the interim. The changes, which are due to go live tomorrow, Tuesday 5 September are based around renaming the menus and moving content into more logical areas rather than the design of the website.

We will shortly be starting our 2017 Customer Survey, so if you are contacted by ResearchCraft, please continue to provide your feedback; it is very important to us and it is at the heart of any improvements we make. For more information or if you have any feedback or suggestions, please contact communications@elexon.co.uk.