Three committees are seeking members and volunteers

Are you interested in becoming a member of the Imbalance Settlement Group, Trading Disputes Committee or the Credit Committee? We are always keen to encourage people to participate in the various committees and groups we manage on behalf of the industry.

Are you interested?

Please complete the application form on our website, setting out your relevant experience/expertise for the Committee(s) you are interested in applying for. 

About the ISG

Three vacancies have become available for Industry Members on the Imbalance Settlement Group (ISG). The ISG is a Panel Committee which carries out certain BSC Panel’s powers under delegated responsibility. Its primary role is to oversee the operation of the BSC’s Central Volume Allocation (CVA) processes and systems.

This includes making decisions on:

  • Changes to key CVA operational parameters, including CVA Line Loss Factors
  • Change Proposals to CVA Code Subsidiary Documents and BSC Systems
  • Applications for Metering Dispensations, CALF appeals and Trading Unit applications
  • Recommendations to the Panel on CVA parameters, including the Market Index Definition Statement

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About the TDC

We have a number of vacancies available for Industry Members on the Trading Disputes Committee (TDC). The TDC is a Panel Committee which carries out certain BSC Panel’s powers under delegated responsibility. Its primary role is to ensure that all Trading Disputes and Manifest Errors are resolved so that errors are corrected and the integrity of Settlement maintained. Its principal functions and powers are to:

  • Investigate and resolve all Trading Disputes
  • Monitor the operation of, and recommend Modifications to, the BSC Procedures which support the Dispute processes
  • Recommend Modification or Change Proposals to the BSC Panel arising from TDC activities
  • Rule on claims of Manifest Error, determining the replacement bid/offer prices in such circumstances, and considering any claims for compensation

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About the Credit Committee

The Credit Committee (CC) is responsible for all matters under the Balancing and Settlement Code (BSC) relating to the Credit Assessment Price (CAP). The powers, functions and responsibilities of the Credit Committee include:

  • Setting any new CAP value
  • Considering the CAP value proposed by ELEXON
  • Considering consultation responses by Trading Parties in relation to any proposed new CAP values
  • Setting, reviewing and amending the trigger level value used to determine when a review of the CAP will be held
  • Examining the suitability of the CAP Review process
  • Keeping under review the suitability and availability of the forward price data

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