We support Energy Data Taskforce’s view on freely available data

ELEXON welcomes the findings of the Energy Data Taskforce report (published today) on how data can help unlock opportunities so that consumers benefit from the moves to a smarter, lower carbon energy system.

The Energy Data Taskforce and ELEXON’s role in it

The Energy Data Taskforce was set up to provide the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy and energy regulator Ofgem with recommendations on how energy data can help the development of a smarter energy system in Britain.

ELEXON is a member of the taskforce and we provided valuable input based on our in depth experience of managing the electricity Balancing and Settlement Code (BSC) over the last 20 years. The BSC ensures that payments for imbalances in wholesale electricity supply and demand are settled accurately.

Our Chief Executive comments on the report

Our CEO says that data should be made freely available to help the smarter energy system.

ELEXON Chief Executive, Mark Bygraves, said: “ELEXON welcomes the Energy Data Taskforce’s report and we believe it is a valuable contribution to helping the development of innovative products for the energy market to benefit consumers.

‘ELEXON will help initiate the implementation of the report’s recommendations by seeking where necessary, to facilitate a change to the Balancing and Settlement Code this year to further embed the principle of open data within the BSC.

ELEXON believes that information sharing is key to achieving whole system outcomes and that data should be freely available wherever possible. Companies managing customers’ data on behalf of the system should not be profiting from their privileged position of having access to particular datasets.

In particular making electricity transmission and distribution system data more widely available will provide the most benefit for the development and efficiency of markets in flexibility services.’

About the report

What other sorts of energy data are useful?

The energy system is rapidly changing with new, cleaner sources of electricity generation replacing traditional fossil fuelled power stations. Consumers are also generating energy themselves and using it in different ways. This radically changes how the energy system is operating.

Data on how energy assets and infrastructure are being used, and how much capacity is available needs to be made freely available so that consumers can be offered more opportunities to offer ‘demand-side response’. Demand side response can help them to reduce their bills and better manage their consumption.

Information on how much electricity is available to the system through demand-side response is also important as well as visibility of how much battery storage and solar panel capacity is being connected to electricity networks.

The more data we have available, the easier it will be for companies to develop new products and services for consumers. It also helps National Grid Electricity System Operator and Distribution System Operators to manage the system more effectively.

Data we already make freely available

ELEXON’s Balancing Mechanism Reporting Service is the best source for data to keep track of electricity generation by fuel type. It also provides other information including on electricity demand and imbalance prices.

We already make this information available to organisations to view and use for free, simply by applying for an open online licence.


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