Webinar summarises our 2019/20 Business Plan

Did you miss our webinar on our 2019/20 Business Plan which took place on 15 January 2019. You can now catch up with the content by viewing the webinar on this website.

Watch the webinar

Key points

The webinar walked our customers through what we plan to deliver and how we will evolve to support their needs while maintaining our high standards of service. 

Mark Bygraves, Chief Executive of ELEXON, explained how we will continue to put customers at the heart of our business, building on service excellence by performing above their expectations while contributing to the energy transformation as a trusted code manager.

Nigel Smith, ELEXON’s Chief Financial Officer, also talked through the increased budget needed to deliver the activities in the business plan including the provision of ELEXON’s new Digital Platform.

Have your say

We value your feedback about the Draft Business Plan.

You can send any comments to the Communications team at communications@elexon.co.uk

Please note that the closing date for comments is the 21 January.


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