Wider Access Impact Assessment and new Testing Strategy published

ELEXON is working on changes to support Wider Access that will allow independent aggregators to participate in the Balancing Mechanism (BM) and electricity producers to join Project TERRE (Trans-European Replacement Reserves Exchange). 

The delivery of Wider Access will allow Virtual Lead Parties (VLPs) to participate directly in the BM, negating the current necessity for them to trade in the BM through an affiliated licensed supplier.

Benefits of Wider Access to the Balancing Mechanism

Opening up the BM to Wider Access is important for helping the development of a smarter, more flexible electricity system in which independent aggregators can play a role. The ability of independent aggregators to co-ordinate demand side response offers from consumers, or the output from small-scale generators and electricity storage are two examples of this.   

Testing the software platform

Pending Ofgem’s decision on National Grid ESO’s TERRE (Trans-European Replacement Reserves Exchange) derogation request, ELEXON’s newly published Wider Access Impact Assessment sets out the technical changes parties will need to prepare for Wider Access in December 2019. 

Additionally, we have refocused our industry testing strategy and published our revised Industry Test Strategy. The updated strategy refocuses and prioritises our plans for testing the new interfaces needed to facilitate Wider Access ahead of TERRE testing, which will now take place next year. 

When will the testing take place?

We have aligned with National Grid ESO to conduct separate industry testing of the new interfaces for Wider Access and intend to carry out integrated testing in late November 2019. We will be in a position to share Supplier Volume Allocation Agent (SVAA) files ahead of that testing phase.

More information about the testing

We are in touch with Parties who have registered their interest in participating in Wider Access testing, to understand their expectations and ensure they have the opportunity to properly engage in the testing process.  

Please contact for more information or to express your interest to participate in industry testing.

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