Adam Jessop

My role as Delivery Lead is to lead the operation of the Participant Management Product (PMP) team in its delivery of the BSC obligations and requirements, as well as delivering continuous improvements and new functionalities to the Elexon Kinnect Customer Solution.

Role at Elexon

I am currently responsible for line managing a team of analysts to deliver team objectives and operational processes, as well as projects related to industry change.

I am responsible for the service management of our service providers, building positive working relationships and ensuring the service provided is to the expected standard.

I became Delivery Lead for PMP in September 2021. PMP are responsible for the overall management of Market Participant data, delivered via the Elexon Kinnect Customer Solution.

I am also the Chairperson for the Unmetered Supplies User Group (UMSUG).

Experience at Elexon

I joined the Elexon and the PMP team in March 2016. Prior to becoming a Delivery Lead, I worked in various analyst-based roles, supporting customers with operational BSC processes, as well as analysing and presenting industry data to various Panel Committees.

My particular areas of experience at Elexon are the Elexon Kinnect Customer Solution, and subject matter expertise on the following areas of the BSC: Unmetered Supplies, Market Entry/Exit and Qualification processes and processes related to customer registrations and data (e.g. MDD, BM Unit Registrations, GC/DC).


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