David Thomas

I am a Market Design Advisor within the Market Design team, having joined the team in late 2023. Market Design are accountable for the design integrity of settlement products and services Elexon provide.

Role at Elexon

The team is responsible for designing solutions for our customers and stakeholders needs. We are accountable for delivering robustly designed settlement products and services for any modifications, change proposals or issues, whilst also answering specific queries and providing advice. This involves collaborating with all products within Elexon, meaning we are involved in the E2E change process.

Experience at Elexon

I joined Elexon in December 2016 as a Market Analysis Team Leader, and become a Senior Product Analyst within the Settlement & Insights team in August 2021 before moving to my current role.

I delivered both the NHH Profiling and Seasonal Zonal Transmission Losses updates for the past few years, and have given various training sessions to both internal and external stakeholders on subjects such as Imbalance Settlement, Imbalance Pricing and Supplier Volume Allocation (SVA).

Interviews, presentations and articles

Experience within the industry

I have over 25 years’ experience working in the energy industry, having worked for a Network Operator, Generator and Supplier during my career.

Before joining Elexon, I worked for EDF Energy in its retail business, creating domestic tariffs.


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