Jenny Sarsfield

I am a BSC Change Analyst within the Rules Management team, responsible for progressing BSC Changes.

Role at Elexon

My role as a Change Analyst involves working with experts from industry and within Elexon to assess and progress BSC changes. The BSC Change process can be used in response to any problems that may be identified in the current processes to make changes to the BSC, the Code Subsidiary Documents, and BSC Systems.

Experience at Elexon

I joined Elexon as a Change Analyst in May 2021 and have since been involved in progressing a number of Change Proposals, Issues, and Modifications. Notably, I was involved in two Urgent Modifications raised to administer the domestic (P446) and non-domestic (P449) schemes to reduce customer tariffs in light of the rises in energy costs in the winter of 2022.

I am the lead analyst working on Issue 101, which seeks to define the requirements and principles for the ongoing governance and operation of the Data Integration Platform (DIP) that will facilitate data transfer for Market-wide Half Hourly Settlement (MHHS).

Experience in the industry

As part of my work as a Risk and Hazard Management Consultant I visited and wrote reports related to energy, including a Combined Heat and Power (CHP) plant, an oil refinery, and several fuel storage facilities. 


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