Lisa Waters

Lisa Waters is a BSC Panel Member, a member of the Imbalance Settlement Group (ISG) and the Credit Committee. She also regularly attends Modification groups.

Lisa is a founding Director of Waters Wye Associates (WWA) a specialist energy consultancy specialising in GB gas, power and retail issues.  She is an economist with over twenty years’ experience in the energy sector, and as well as the BSC works on codes such as the CUSC, DCUSA and Grid Code.

She has worked with a wide variety of energy companies, from gas and coal generators to smaller scale renewables and ancillary service providers, as well as representing customers, working for non-physical traders and new market entrants.

Having worked in and with a wide variety of businesses Lisa has a broad experience in the corporate decision‑making process.  Her work is commercially focused bring support to numerous generators (using a wide variety of technologies), traders, suppliers and investors.

Working as part of clients’ teams, Lisa has provided full regulatory services covering; BSC and CUSC accession, construction and connection agreements, ancillary services contracts, systems qualification and registrations, on-going interface with codes (BSC, Grid Code, CUSC, DCUSA, etc.) and National Grid; market monitoring and development of HMG policy such as the CM, CfDs, EU ETS, IED, etc.


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