Mark Bellman

Mark is a Chartered Management Accountant with over 30 years’ experience working for ScottishPower in the UK Power and Gas supply businesses, as well as 5 years as a non-executive director of St Clements Services Ltd.

He is currently Head of Energy Settlement for ScottishPower Retail, active in the industry and has served in a number of industry roles over the years. These include as a member of – OFGEM’s 2014 Market-wide Half-Hourly Settlement Expert Group; the UNC PAC with a particular focus on developing the embryonic assurance regime; the UNC Modification Panel; the UNC Committee; the BSC Panel (and Panel sponsor for PAB); and the DSC Contract Management Committee. He’s also on the AUGE sub-committee and the Shipper Nominations Committee.

During his career with ScottishPower Mark has worked in IT systems development, various finance manager roles and energy settlement. 

He’s designed and lead many business change programmes, including system implementations, ScottishPower Retail’s internal 2005 BETTA programme, off-shore operations in 2009-11; ScottishPower’s P272 migration and performance recovery, and a number of gas industry modifications to improve performance of shippers in UNC compliance.


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