Mark Bygraves – Chief Executive Officer

Mark is the Chief Executive of ELEXON, the administrator of the electricity wholesale balancing and settlement arrangements for Great Britain and of the EMR CFD and Capacity Market payment arrangements. In November 2016, Mark was appointed as a member of the ELEXON Board.

He brings over 20 years’ experience in the energy sector of leading businesses, engaging and influencing stakeholders and challenging colleagues to deliver BAU and strategic initiatives, drawing on his skills gained in a career as Lawyer, Director of M&A, Investment Banker, Commercial Director and CEO.

More about Mark

He began his career as a lawyer, qualifying in private practice, before switching to the energy industry where increasingly he focused on the commercial aspects of delivering corporate strategies and significant transactions.

Prior to joining ELEXON in 2011, Mark was an investment banker advising many of the world’s leading utilities. This followed 10 years at E.ON in the UK where as Director of Mergers & Acquisitions he lead strategic transactions both in the UK and internationally.

During his time as CEO, ELEXON has continued to deliver on its BSC obligations and KPIs and has implemented and operates new settlement systems for Contracts for Difference and the Capacity Market. This is whilst increasing its engagement with stakeholders by visiting Parties to understand how to improve services (e.g. data, Market Entry) and by providing expert support to Ofgem (HHS, FRS) and to BEIS (EMR, Flexibility).

This focus on customer service and relations as well as performance has contributed to the highest ever customer satisfaction scores in ELEXON’s independent customer survey and these high levels of satisfaction were repeated in Ofgem’s own survey of the 11 Code Administrators where ELEXON came out top overall, cementing the company’s status as trusted, independent, reliable market experts.

At a time of major change in the electricity sector, ELEXON continues to deliver these essential services and to support stakeholders including BEIS, Ofgem and industry, in evolving the market arrangements to address current and future challenges.


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