Mitch Donnelly

Industry Panel Member

Mitch began work in the energy industry in 1998 initially as an analyst with BG Storage before moving to Transco and then British Gas where he has held a number of roles including;

  • The integration of the Enron Direct and Electricity Direct settlement systems and processes following their acquisition by Centrica.
  • The development of British Gas settlement systems and processes to support Smart metering roll out including managing relationships with Supplier Agents and TPIs.
  • Leading the operational and regulatory teams responsible for the Balancing and Settlement Code and Gas Uniform Network Code and Distribution Connection Use of Service Agreement.
  • Supporting the development and roll out of a number of specialist products including Time of Use, Smart Homes, Microgeneration and community energy.

Mitch is currently the head of UK Energy Settlements which encompasses a range of responsibilities including BSC and UNC compliance and performance, Supplier Agent management, leading the transition into Half Hourly Settlement and the implementation of project Nexus.

He has been a member of the Performance Assurance Board since 2009 and is a member of the TDC, he has also previously served as a member of SVG, PSRG and UMSUG, as well as participating in numerous modification workgroups and issue groups.


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