BSC Audit Issue Resolution

BSC Audit Issue Documents

Audit Issue Documents describe the relevant BSC obligations and the breach for all non-compliances found. Relevant metrics will be included where available and the Auditor will give a recommendation for rectification. All Audit Issue Documents are given an Impact Rating of higher, medium or lower. The Auditor has produced a guidance document on the assignment of the Impact Ratings, which can be found in the ‘Related Content’ part of this page.

Depending on the level of risk, an action plan may be requested by your OSM and the Issue will enter the EFR Process. Action plans will be tracked and monitored but Audit Issue Documents can only be closed when the BSC Auditor is satisfied that all requirements have been met and any non-compliances have been resolved.

For more information on Issue Resolution, visit the Error and Failure Resolution page.

Market Issues

We work with industry and the PAB to understand and resolve Audit Issues affecting the Market.

Market Issues for the most recent Audit are published on the Performance Assurance Reports page.

Audit Peer Comparison

During the BSC Audit Terms of Reference Review 2009, an Expert Group examined how performance under the BSC Audit could be measured, to incentivise Audited Entities to reduce non-compliances.

The idea is to rank Audited Entities against the same role type, for example, Suppliers or Meter Administrators.

We have compiled a method for peer comparison using the number and age of open Audit issues, as the following criteria:

Total number of existing Audit Issues rated as High, Medium or Low:

  • Average age of Audit Issues rated as High, Medium or Low (in years).
  • As not all of the Audit Issues have the same impact on Settlement, Audit issues have been weighted by impact rating.

Scores against these criteria are added up and Audited Entities are ranked by total score. As the PAB favoured an anonymous approach for the first year initially, the Audited Entities are currently being identified by a code; we will email BSC Audit contacts their identifier. Click here to view the Audit Peer Comparison results.