Digitising market entry and registrations 2018-2019

ELEXON is developing an online service for customers who are considering entering the market, registering assets such as Balancing Mechanism (BM) Units or exiting the market.

How it relates to you

As part of Market Entry, companies need to accede to the BSC, provide and register key information such as your authorised signatories, market roles and Balancing Mechanism Units (BM Units).

Currently, this process is heavily paper-based. The online service aims to provide digital forms with self-service access to your market entry and registrations data along with a guided process through the various routes you can take when registering different market roles.

Latest Developments

Get involved

We invite you to join our Participant Management User Group to help shape the product we produce for you regarding this process.

Next meeting

  • November 2018
  • ELEXON’s offices on Euston Road

Meeting Objectives

  • Presentation of the product 
  • Facilitating feedback and input on the product
  • Test product and feedback to Product Owner

Background to this Project

The participant management platform is an initiative that is part of the ELEXON’s Foundation Programme.

  • Lead: Hanna Pain (Product Owner)


To develop an improved customer experience when entering the market, exiting the market and registering with the Balancing and Settlement Code (BSC).


Objectives of the Foundation Programme

The Foundation Programme aims to re-architect our central systems to deliver a flexible, scalable and open platform to provide settlement and other value-added services to meet the future needs of a changing energy market.


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