Identifying and preventing issues


This page provides details on how we go about identifying and evaluating risks to Settlement and how you can prevent issues, helping to improve your management of risk.

Risk Evaluation Register

The Risk Evaluation Register (RER) describes the risks identified by the methodology, setting out the root causes, available controls affected Party types and a forecast financial impact for the coming year.

Risk Visualisation Tool

The risk visualisation tool (RVT) has been developed to help customers identify where Settlement Risks commonly occur in the BSC processes. 

How to avoid non-compliance

Preventative techniques have been designed to stop risks manifestoing in the first place, these include:

  • Qualification and Re-Qualification – Completing the SVA Qualification aims to provide assurance that your systems and processes have been developed in line with BSC requirements and that they won’t pose a risk to settlement.
  • Bulk Change of Agent – The Bulk Change of Agent technique is a controlled process that is used when responsibilities change for large volumes of Non Half Hourly (NHH) Metering Systems. 
  • Education and training – Training courses and training videos are available covering the full range of BSC topics, these are will help support you in understanding the risk management and assurance provided under the BSC.


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