Managing and resolving issues


This page details how we manage risks and the methods used to correct issues once risk(s) is identified.

What happens if we find a non-compliance or a Settlement impacting risk you are contributing to?

There are a number of actions that can take place if we identify a breach or a risk

  • Supplier Charges – these are charges that Suppliers incur if they fail to meet certain performance levels, they are then distributed among Trading Parties who are disadvantaged by those who aren’t meeting defined Standards.
  • Breach and Default – There are a number of different types of breaches and Elexon will work with companies to ensure that any breach is resolved as soon as possible to avoid escalation. There are various circumstances in which a BSC Party can be in Default of the BSC.  These include non-payment of charges, being in Credit Default for more than a specified number of times or period of time, or a material and/or persistent breach of the BSC.
  • Error and Failure Resolution (EFR) – if an Error or Failure is detected through any of the Performance Assurance Techniques, this can invoke the Error/Failure process. A set of actions will be provided to resolve the issue and timescales in which these actions are required to be completed. These will be reviewed and monitored.
  • Trading Disputes – the Disputes process is a way for BSC Parties to correct errors in Settlement that have affected Trading Charges. All Trading Disputes are assessed against three criteria, which must be met for the Dispute to be upheld. Disputes are confidential.
  • Change Mechanism – we have a change process in place which is used to introduce changes to the BSC arrangements in response to any concerns, problems or defects that Parties may identify in the current processes 

What happens if you fail to comply with a resolution request?

  • Removal of Qualification – the removal of a Qualified Person’s Qualification can be made if the organisation fails to comply with certain requirements and standards of the BSC. If an organisation’s Qualification is removed, it cannot operate in its previously Qualified capacity. 
  • Breach and default – Formal notification may be provided to a BSC Party of persistent or material breach of the BSC. A failure to address this breach in all material respects with all reasonable diligence and so far as reasonably practicable may constitute a ‘Default’.

Raising a query or appeal?

If you disagree with any of the techniques deployed to you, you can raise a query to the PAB and and appeal a decision made.


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