007 SVA Risk: Metered Data is not retrieved


This page outlines the risk that SVA metered data is not retrieved, such that the proportion of estimated data being used in Settlement contributes to performance standards not being met resulting in estimated data in Settlement.

How it relates to you

Risk 007 impacts all meters in the SVA market.

Elexon note that specific meter types perform poorer than others in this risk.

Meters that are Profile Class 3 or 4, as well as Suppliers with portfolios containing many ‘hard to read sites’ are more likely to be impacted.

Diagram of 007 SVA Risk: Metered Data is not retrieved
Diagram of 007 SVA Risk: Metered Data is not retrieved

These can include water processing sites, multi occupancy buildings, and housing associations.

Parties responsible for risk factors

  • DC
  • MOA
  • Supplier
  • LDSO

Parties responsible for operating controls

  • DC
  • MOA
  • Supplier

 Risk 007 forms part of the data retrieval and processing process shown in the Risk Visualisation Tool.

Potential causes

Potential causes, or as they known in the Risk Evaluation Register: Risk Factors are the points of failure that could result in erroneous or estimated data entering Settlement.

Elexon has identified a number of typical failure points related to this risk, parties should note the list is non-exhaustive, and not all risk factors are applicable to every role type.

  • Site access issues (hard to access sites, customer not providing access, weather conditions & site safety)
  • Meter and site details and other information necessary for obtaining reads are incomplete or inaccurate, or missing (e.g. passwords, complex site information, D0052)
  • Failure of remote reading systems and processes and manual reads are not obtained
  • Reading not obtained as prescribed by the BSC (e.g. initial/final reading on Meter exchange or Change of Supplier reads)

Potential solutions

Parties responsible for operating controls should take note of the information below. This identifies the BSC Sections and Procedures relating the risk.

Parties should understand their responsibilities in relation to this risk. Parties responsibilities, performance levels, Supplier Charges, and Rules are outlined in BSC.

Review the processes outlined in the following BSCPs and ensure that internal processes match the requirements:

Impact of this risk on the industry

This graph highlights the probability distribution of this risk and cost incurred to the industry when a risk manifests over the course of a year

  • Impact: £11.9 Million
  • Upper Impact: £29.5 Million
  • Volatility: High

In order for you (a party) to calculate the impact this risk has on your party, please multiply your market share by the impact as outlined above.

Probability graph

Further information

Risk Evaluation Register sets out further detailed information on the noted controls.

Support and training

Operational Support Managers (OSMs) are able to help with further information or training on this risk and associated processes.

Methodology used for this risk

The following document outlines the methodology used to assess the Settlement Risk related to the retrieval of metered data.


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