Settlement Risks: Risk Visualisation Tool


The risk visualisation tool (RVT) has been developed to help customers identify where Settlement Risks commonly occur in the BSC processes. The diagrams should be used in conjunction with the Risk Evaluation Register (RER) to provide a guide to instances where Settlement Risks may occur in BSC processes.

Risk Visualisation Diagram Example - Change Process

Benefits of using the diagrams

The diagrams offer the following:

  • A visual representation of where Settlement Risks commonly arise in BSC processes in the SVA market
  • An indication of where deviation from certain processes may lead to the manifestation of Settlement Risks
  • A repository of basic information about each Settlement Risk identified in the tool
  • An accompaniment to the detailed risk register

Send us your feedback as we will be adding more functionality and content to develop the tool further. 

The diagrams should not be used as:

  • A standalone guide to operating in compliance with the BSC
  • An exhaustive list of every Settlement Risk that may occur when operating under the BSC

Please refer to the BSC and subsidiary documents for full information about the BSC arrangements.

Understanding Risk

The RER sets out the Settlement Risks that have been identified and evaluated by reference to types of Performance Assurance Party (PAP) e.g. Supplier, Data Collector or Unmetered Supplies Operator.

Using the diagrams

The diagrams provide a simplified view of the compliant processes as outlined in the relevant BSC Section and BSCPs.

There are four main processes you can work through within the set of diagrams:

  • Data Retrieval and Processing
  • Metering
  • Registration and Appointments
  • Central Aggregation and Trading Charges

Click on the process you want to follow and it will take you to the associated stages within that process. Use the breadcrumb to navigate back to earlier steps in the process diagram.

When you reach a process diagram page it will show a start point and an end point, shown within a grey circle.

A red box with a risk number indicates areas where there is scope for these processes to go wrong, resulting in a material impact on Settlement.

Further information about each risk is available in the Risk Evaluation Register.

Please note that the tool can be expanded by clicking on the “Toggle fullscreen” option in the black footer bar.

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