BSC audit reports


This page details the various reports related to the BSC Audit and includes information on the Audit Issues Report, the Funding Shares Audit and the Scope and approach documents.

Audit Issues Report

Following the audit, individual and confidential Audit Issue documents will be sent to selected organisations (Audited Entities) and will describe breaches of relevant BSC obligations for any non–compliances that may have been identified. The Auditor will also make recommendations in respect of rectification and all material Audit Issues are given an Impact Rating of high, medium or low.

The BSC Audit Report

The BSC Auditor presents the Annual BSC Audit Report to the BSC Panel in June of each year.

The Audit reports are split between the International Standard on Assurance Engagements (ISAE) 3000 Opinion covering CVA MOAs and Central Systems, and the Process Assessment Report covering Suppliers, SVA Agents and CVA Registrants.

Key Findings

This report includes the Key findings raised for the period ended 31 March 2022.

The following key issues have been highlighted within the 2021/22 BSC Audit report:

Significant Findings

  • Response to request for Metering System related details (D0170)
  • Supplier of Last Resort (SoLR) impact

Issues relating to Metering

  • Metering System faults not resolved in a timely manner
  • Incomplete or delayed provision of meter reads and Meter Technical Details
  • Energisation status not confirmed
  • Change of Measurement Class
  • Commissioning
  • Zero Final Reads

Data quality issues in the Non Half Hourly market

  • NHHDA D0095 exception report
  • NHH standing data flow and meter reading backlogs
  • NHHDA D0023 exception report 
  • Erroneous values of EACs and AAs
  • Long Term Vacant (LTV) process

Data quality issues in the Half Hourly Market

  • D0235 exception report and D0004 flows backlogs

Issues with Registrants of CVA Metering Systems

  • No formal Fault tracking in Fault Identification and Resolution
  • No formal validation processes in data estimation and accuracy
  • Limited communication during Registration and Commissioning process


  • The number of Settlement impacting findings raised at CVA MOAs has decreased
  • No new Settlement impacting findings have been raised this year

Central Systems

  • The number of Settlement impacting findings raised on Central Systems has decreased
  • Significant progress has been seen as a result of focus by Elexon on fixing a Settlement impacting finding

Market Issues document

The BSC Auditor also produces a Market Issues document that highlights issues experienced by a number of Market Participants. The BSC Auditor’s Summary of Market Issues report is also published below

Elexon works with the industry and PAB to resolve these market issues.

Funding Shares Audit

The Funding Shares Audit forms part of the BSC Audit. Findings from the Funding Shares Audit are published separately.

Scope and approach documents

The BSC Panel sets the scope of the BSC Audit each year. Following this, the BSC Auditor develops an Audit approach, which describes how it will deliver the work required to meet the scope.

The scope of the BSC Audit is set by the Panel for each Audit year and includes the determination of the annual Audit Materiality Threshold.

The BSC Auditor will ‘Qualify’ its audit opinion if it cannot provide reasonable assurance that the total level of error in Settlement is less than the Materiality Threshold.

The Materiality Threshold is currently 1.2TWh which represents approximately 0.5% of the total annual electricity supplied across Great Britain in the preceding calendar year.

The BSC Audit incorporates the Funding Shares Audit and takes account of the findings of the Balancing Mechanism (BM) Audit performed by National Grid’s Auditor.

Scope for 2023-2024

Scope for 2022-2023

Scope for 2021-2022

Scope for 2020-2021

Scope for 2019-2020

Scope for 2018-2019

Scope for 2017-2018 (H3)

Scope for 2016-2017 (H3)

Scope for 2015-2016

Scope for 2014-2015


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