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Error and Failure Resolution

What is EFR?

Error and Failure Resolution (EFR) is is a key remedial technique in ELEXON’s Performance Assurance Framework. It is used to assure ELEXON, the Performance Assurance Board (PAB) and the rest of the industry that you understand identified performance issues and have robust plans in place to correct them in a timely manner. As part of the EFR process, you agree with ELEXON what steps you’ll take to resolve the identified performance issues. We also use EFR to provide you with advice and guidance.

Who’s involved in EFR?

At ELEXON our team of experts are on hand to help you resolve your performance issues.

We identify when we need to use EFR through Performance Assurance Techniques such as the BSC Audit, Technical Assurance, Material Error Monitoring and Performance Monitoring and Reporting. Also, you or your Operational Support Manager (OSM) may identify an operational issue needing EFR.

Where performance issues are not resolved satisfactorily we can use an escalation mechanism to focus attention. There are two escalation levels involving the PAB and the BSC Panel.

How the process works

The diagram below outlines the EFR process and escalation cycle.

Error Failure Resolution Flowchart

When a performance issue is identified and needs monitoring through EFR, we ask you to provide an action plan detailing the steps you’ll take to resolve the issue and the timescales for completion. When you’ve completed each step on your action plan, you need to let your OSM know. If you haven’t completed the steps according to your plan, you need to let your OSM how you’ll get back on track.

By providing this information, we can monitor how you are doing with resolving the performance issues. When all actions are completed, the cessation of the EFR process will be agreed with ELEXON and/or the appropriate BSC Agent (e.g. the BSC Auditor or the Technical Assurance Agent) that highlighted the issue.

EFR Escalation Process

A failure in the EFR process can lead to initiation of the EFR Escalation process. There are two levels of escalation:

  1. to the PAB; and
  2. to the BSC Panel.

The PAB has an agreed set of escalation criteria shown in the table below. If you meet any of the criteria, we may escalate you to the PAB.

During this process, you agree the actions with the PAB/Panel that you’ll take to resolve the issue. They and your OSM will monitor progress. If a performance issue is persistent or material, the PAB or Panel can initiate the Removal of SVA Qualification or Default process.