CP1334 ‘New PARMS Serials’


CP1334 ‘New PARMS Serials’ was implemented on 1 July 2011. The PARMS Serial Review Group, the Performance Assurance Board (PAB) and industry consultation respondents agreed that the nine PARMS serials listed below are too basic in their current form. As a result, they recommended that they should be replaced with new improved Serials to better measure the associated risks in the Risk Evaluation Register (RER).

  • SP05 (Retrospective Appointment of Agents)
  • SP06 (D0148 Flow from Suppliers)
  • HM04 (Provision of HH MTD to HHDC)
  • HM05( Provision of HH MTD to New HHMO)
  • HM06 (Quality of D0268)
  • NM03 (Provision of NHH MTD to NHHDC)
  • NM04 (Provision of NHH MTD to New NHHMO)
  • NC02 (NHHDC to NHHDC Meter Reads and History)
  • HM01 (HH Meter Faults: Time Taken to Resolve)

CP1334 will remove the above Serials and introduce 12 new Serials to address the current limitations. The new Serials will:

  • Quantify the risk to Settlement, of business processes. This will be measured by whether the process has been completed by each Settlement Run. To do this, they will either report whether the events occur in a timely fashion in relation to the relevant Effective From Date or how many of the events have failed completely (as these represent different risks);
  • Provide context to the risk by reporting the total number of events (business processes) for a given reporting period;
  • Report at Grid Supply Point (GSP) Group level to aid consistency and localisation of issues; and
  • Look at the current reporting period (equates to the ‘t’ period for the current PARMS Serials) and remove the concept of t-1 Serials to make the Serials more uniform and easier to report.

Meter Operator Agent (MOA) submissions will be split into distinct Serials to measure Half Hourly (HH) and Non Half Hourly (NHH) MOA activities to improve the ability to quantify the different risks to Settlement.


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