About the Technical Assurance Agent Management Tool (TAAMT)


Elexon has developed an online support tool to help organise Inspection Visits and share information with the TAA. The Technical Assurance Agent Management Tool (TAAMT) is a central database that contains all historical data and information for Metering System visits performed by TAA inspectors.

Use TAAMT to view inspection schedules, results, submit data and communicate with the TAA.

Creating a TAAMT account

If you want to use this system, please contact the TAA Helpdesk to arrange an account. The TAA Helpdesk is available during business hours to answer questions and help with data submissions.

Access to TAAMT

Video about the TAAMT product

The Technical Assurance Agent (TAA) hosted a demonstration of the TAAMT system in August 2021 to show how the product can be used for the administration of the Technical Assurance of Metering (TAM) audits.

Elexon and the Technical Assurance Agent, C&C, walked through the product and give TAAMT users an opportunity to ask questions.

Video Published: August 2021
Video Length: 41 mins, 53 secs


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