1 April 2017 Standalone Release

Scope of the Release

The implementation date for this release is 1 April 2017.

The scope of 1 April 2017 Standalone Release is five approved Modifications:
• P272 Mandatory Half Hourly Settlement for Profile Classes 5-8
• P320 Reporting on Profile Classes 5 – 8 Metering Systems after the implementation of P272
• P338 Consequential changes to P272 legal text
• P346 Changes to the BSC Specified Charges to facilitate Elective HH settlement*
• P351 Align the BSC with changes to the SCR requirements

*Please note: P346 will amend the FSS (Funding Share System).

**P339 and P347 are managed under the scope of the February 2017 Release.

Impact Matrix

Click to open the X0159 April 17 Release – Impact Matrix v2.0

If you have any queries about the 1 April 2017 Standalone Release, please contact the Release Manager, Seema Malhotra by emailing: [email protected]



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