February 2016 Release

February 2016 Release Scope

There is one Approved Modification and four approved Change Proposals currently for inclusion in the release.

  • P318 – Change of Party ID/Company Number Through Enabling Assignment
  • CP1443 – Standard Settlement Configurations for smart and advanced Meters
  • CP1449 – Updates to BSCP520 and the SVA Data Catalogue following a review
  • CP1450 – Security Requirements for CoP10 Metering Equipment
  • CP1451 – Allowing HH Default EACs for all HH Measurement Classes

There are no changes to BSC Central Systems software or to Party Agent software as a result of these approved changes.

Code Subsidiary Document amended for the Release

24 February 2016: We have now published the updated Baseline Statements and the changed documents on the BSC and Related Documents page of our website.

Any other changes

We are progressing a fix to an existing live issue with P269 alongside this release. P269 was implemented as part of the February 2012 BSC Release.

This fix will be implemented on 12 April 2016. In addition to the changes to SAA software, we will update SAA BSC documents to clarify the original requirements. We have raised Change Proposal CP1453 to update these documents.

There will no impact to the industry as a result of this fix.

Impact Matrix

Click to open the February 2016 Release Impact Matrix. This document will be updated as new Change Proposals are approved for inclusion in the Release.


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