February 2017 Release

New items

We have now issued the Release Circular for implementation on 1 April 2017. That contains implementation details of P339, P347, CP1481 and changes involved in the 1 April 2017 Standalone Release.

The primary scope of February 2017 BSC Release went live on 23 February 2017. Please refer to the Release Circular for details of the implementation.

Scope of the Release

The implementation date for the Release is 23 February 2017.  P339, P347 and CP1481 managed under this Release have the implementation date of 1 April 2017.

The final scope of the February 2017 Release is four approved Modifications (P326, P339, P343 & P347) and seven approved Change Proposals (CP1465, CP1466, CP1470, CP1471, CP1472, CP1473 and CP1481).

P326: Introduction of a non-Working Day adjustment to the Credit Cover Percentage calculation

P339: Introduction of new Consumption Component Classes for Measurement Classes E-G

P343: Increase to the number of Supplier IDs that can be held by a Supplier

P347: Reduction in R1 Read Requirement for Half Hourly Sites

CP1465: Sending revised MTDs following a change of NHHMOA

CP1466: Removing SMETS compliant Meters from the scope of BSCP601

CP1470: Housekeeping Change to CoPs 1, 2, 3 and 5 following P266

CP1471: Alignment of the CRA URS to the NETA IDD

CP1472: Removal of SVA proving tests for Meters with a pulse multiplier of one

CP1473: Changes to the Long Term Vacant Entry Criteria

CP1481: Housekeeping Change to BSCP536 following approval of P339

Please note that:

  • P326 will impact BSC Systems, namely CRA (Central Registration agent) and ECVAA (Energy Contract Volume Aggregation Agent).
  • P339 will impact SVAA (Supplier Volume Allocation Agent) and is included in the February 17 Release as a Phase 2 to be deployed in March 2017.
  • P347 was rejected by the Panel on 8 December 2016. However on 30 January 2017, Ofgem directed that this is to be implemented on 1 April 2017.
  • P351 has been moved to April 2017 Standalone Release.

Impact Matrix

The February 17 Release Impact Matrix lists all BSC Configurable Items and software systems that are being amended for the release and the relevant change(s).

February 2017 Release - other documents

We have following guidance documents available for you.

CP1465 Implementation Guide

P339 Implementation Guide


If you have any queries, please contact the Release Manager, Mahesh Gogtay by emailing [email protected]


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