February 2018 BSC Release

Scope of the Release

The implementation date for this release is 22 February 2018.

The scope of the Release is four approved Modifications and eight approved Change Proposals


  • P348 – Provision of gross BM Unit data for TNUoS charging
  • P349 – Facilitating Embedded Generation Triad Avoidance Standstill
  • P357 – Removal of GC/DC tolerance parameters from BSC Section K
  • P358 – Roll over of BSC Seasonal GCDC
  • CP1482 – Upgrade of NHHDA and EAC/AA systems from Oracle 11g to version 12c
  • CP1483 – Changes to BSCP550 – Shared Metering Arrangements
  • CP1487 – Remove the exclusion of Change of Measurement Classes in BSCP533 Appendix B
  • CP1490 – Changes to BSCP27 and Technical Assurance Agent Service Descriptions to remove constraints to service improvement
  • CP1491 – Lack of clarification surrounding the timeliness of Proving Tests and documentation for CVA MOA in BSCP02
  • CP1492 – Causes and treatment of large Line Loss Factors
  • CP1493 – Add a form and associated process steps to BSCP15 for registering Non-Standard BM Unit configurations
  • CP1494 – Introduction of an objection window for Housekeeping Change Proposals


Document impact matrix

Click to open the X0161 February 2018 Release – Impact Matrix

If you have any queries about the February 2018 Release, please contact the Release Manager, Adey Bolaji, by emailing: [email protected]


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