Scope of the Release

The implementation date for this release is 22 February 2018.

The scope of the Release is four approved Modifications and eight approved Change Proposals


  • P348 – Provision of gross BM Unit data for TNUoS charging
  • P349 – Facilitating Embedded Generation Triad Avoidance Standstill
  • P357 – Removal of GC/DC tolerance parameters from BSC Section K
  • P358 – Roll over of BSC Seasonal GCDC
  • CP1482 – Upgrade of NHHDA and EAC/AA systems from Oracle 11g to version 12c
  • CP1483 – Changes to BSCP550 – Shared Metering Arrangements
  • CP1487 – Remove the exclusion of Change of Measurement Classes in BSCP533 Appendix B
  • CP1490 – Changes to BSCP27 and Technical Assurance Agent Service Descriptions to remove constraints to service improvement
  • CP1491 – Lack of clarification surrounding the timeliness of Proving Tests and documentation for CVA MOA in BSCP02
  • CP1492 – Causes and treatment of large Line Loss Factors
  • CP1493 – Add a form and associated process steps to BSCP15 for registering Non-Standard BM Unit configurations
  • CP1494 – Introduction of an objection window for Housekeeping Change Proposals


February 2018 Release Document Impact Matrix

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If you have any queries about the February 2018 Release, please contact the Release Manager, Adey Bolaji, by emailing: releases@elexon.co.uk


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