February 2019 BSC Release

Each Release package has an associated web page that sets out details of the approved Modifications and Change Proposals that it will include. The lead time for a Modifications and CPs will vary depending on the nature and complexity of the solution, and can vary from a single Working Day after approval for document-only changes to a year or more if complex system changes are required.

Scope of the Release

The  implementation date for this release is 28 February 2019

The scope of the Release is two approved Modifications and one approved Change Proposal


P297 – Receipt and Publication of New and Revised Dynamic Data Items

P344 – Project TERRE implementation into GB market arrangements (Stage 1)

P359 – Mechanised process for GC/DC declarations

P373 – Reversal of P297

CP1510 – Allow the online management of registrations, Market Entry and Market Exit

Additional scope information

  • Approved Modification P344 (Stage 1): All BSC Changes and the majority of BSC Configurable Items amended for P344 will become effective on 28 February 2019. In addition, system changes (CRA, ECVAA, and SVAA) will be implemented to allow Virtual Lead Parties to accede to the BSC and to register Secondary BM Units & related MSID pairs; this is to ensure that they are ready to participate in TERRE when it goes live in Q4 2019.
  • Approved Modification P359: This modification will introduce a centralised and automated process for re-declaring BM Unit Metered Volumes following a breach of the GC or DC limits. These changes will impact Generators, Suppliers and Interconnector Users as these Parties submit GC and DC values.
  • Approved Change Proposal CP1510: This change proposal updates BSC Procedures (BSCP) to reference the Self-Service Gateway as an additional interface to accede to the BSC. The Self-Service Gateway is being delivered as part of Elexon’s Foundation Programme and will go live on a later date, which will be advised separately. More updates for this will available via Release circulars in the coming weeks.
  • Approved Modification P297 was implemented on 27 February 2019. However, P297 was immediately, and fully reversed by Modification P373, which was also implemented on 27 February 2019. Therefore, whilst P297 and P373 have been included in the amendment records for the impacted BSC Sections, no BSC, or subsidiary document provisions have been amended through the implementation of P297 and P373 as part of this February 2019 BSC Release. For further information relating to the content and progression of these Modifications, please refer to the P297 and P373 webpages respectively.

Document review of Configurable Items for P344

On 18 October 2018, we published the first batch of P344 related Configurable Items for industry review. The second batch was published on 02 November 2018. The following  documents accompanied the Configurable Items:

Note: The first review circular stated that the Reporting Catalogue would be amended. On further analysis, it was determined that this document would not be impacted. The second review circular corrects this statement.

Document impact matrix

Click to open the February 2019 Release – Document Impact Matrix for P344

Click to open the February 2019 Release – Document Impact Matrix for P344 and P359


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