February 2020 BSC Release

Please note that we have amended the Document Impact Matrix, linked at the bottom of this page. Sections R and U are not impacted by any of the changes and have been removed from this Matrix.

The Release implementation date is 27 February 2020.

Scope of the Release

The following industry-led changes are in the scope. 

  • CP1519  – Treatment of Low Capacity Connections for Site Specific Line Loss Factor Calculations.
  • CP1521 –  BSCP70 Amendments for Interconnector Administrator and Interconnector Error Administrator. 
  • P385 – Improving the efficacy and efficiency of the Section H Default provisions.
  • P391 – Introducing Desktop Audits.
  • P393 – Disapplication of SP01 Supplier Charges. This will be effective from the December 2019 Supplier Charge Reporting Period, to be run in the first week of March.
  • P394 – Removal of Unused BSC Provisions. 

In addition to these, we will be updating the password policy for the Elexon Portal Website to make it compliant with GDPR, the Data Protection Act. We sent out a Release Circular with details of this change on 23 January 2020. 

The document impact matrix is available here and the circulars relating to this release can be found here.

Further details will be added to this page when available.


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