June 2014 Release

Scope of the Release

The scope of the Release currently includes changes to BSC Systems for Electricity Market Reform (EMR), three Approved Modifications and eight approved Change Proposals:

  • Changes to BSC Systems for Electricity Market Reform (EMR);
  • P276 – Introduce an additional trigger/threshold for suspending the market in the event of a Partial Shutdown;
  • P292 – Amending Supplier & Meter Operator Agent responsibilities for smart Meter Technical Details;
  • P301 – Replacement of National Consumer Council by Citizens Advice and Citizens Advice Scotland ;
  • CP1394 – Use of SMETS compliant Meters for Profiling;
  • CP1397 – Improvements to the Balancing Mechanism Reporting System  (BMRS) Electricity Summary Page – Indicative Triad Demand Information tables;
  • CP1400 – Amendment of the System Operator flag via BSCP18;
  • CP1402 – Aligning the Deliverables in the Profile Administration Service Description with the Data Analyst Contract;
  • CP1403 – Additional requirements to BSCP15 and BSCP25 for System Operators to provide more information on new connections’;
  • CP1404 – Allowing Registration of Multiple Transmission System Boundary Point on one BSCP25 form and removal of requirement for OS coordinates for onshore Transmission System Boundary Points;
  • CP1406 – Electronic version of the Self Assessment Document; and
  • CP1407 – Updates to current LLF audit templates

P276 was implemented on 31 March 2014.

P301 was implemented on 3 June 2014

All other changes in the release will be implemented on 26 June 2014.

Impact Matrix

Click here to open the June 2014 Release Impact Matrix.


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