June 2015 Release

Scope of the Release

The scope of the June 15 Release includes:

ORD006 – Electricity Market Reform – Energy Intensive Industries

Three Approved Modifications:

P307 – Amendments to Credit Default arrangements

P310 – Revised Credit Cover for Exporting Supplier BM Units

P317 – Changes to the Unmetered Supplies obligations in the BSC

Eleven approved Change Proposals:

CP1409 – Change of Measurement Class for advanced Meters

CP1411 – Remove exemption from Proving Tests for Code of Practice 10 Metering Systems

CP1415 – Reading submission frequency for smart Meters

CP1416 – Remotely disabled smart Meters

CP1417 – Reading validation for smart Meters

CP1424 – Amending the requirement for Data Aggregators to perform annual Full SMRS refreshes

CP1426 – Receipt of the D0296 flow at II

CP1428 – Inclusion of Party Agents in the event of Post Final Settlement Runs

CP1429 – Proving Test timescales

CP1433 – Clarification of which Metering Systems are captured by the P272 requirements

CP1435 – Amendments to the SAA-I042 flow

This Release will be implemented on 25 June 2015.

Impact Matrix

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