June 2017 Release

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The June 2017 BSC Systems Release went live on 29 June 2017. Please refer to the Release Circular with details of the implementation.


The implementation date for the Release is 29 June 2017.

The scope of the Release is three approved Modifications and six approved Change Proposals:

P321 – Publication of Trading Unit Delivery Mode

P329 – Changes to REMIT inside information reporting

P350 – Introduction of a seasonal Zonal Transmission Losses scheme (amended CSDs only)

CP1469 – Changes to support the implementation of the SRAG’s recommendations

CP1474 – Updating the CoMC processes to facilitate the elective HH Settlement of SMETS Meters

CP1475 – Remove obligation to re-date final NHH Meter readings on CoMC

CP1476 – Facilitation of Incremental LLFs

CP1477 – Updates to BSCP537 Appendix 1 as a result of P283

CP1486 – Removing example Advice Notes, Backing Sheets and Confirmation Notices from BSCP301

P329 will amend the Balancing Mechanism Reporting System (BMRS) and P321 will amend BMRS and Settlement Administration Agent (SAA) software. In addition to BSC Systems, P329 will require amendments to the Elexon Portal and National Grid’s Market Operation Data Interface System (MODIS).

Additional scope information:

* We are modifying BSC Systems in the June 2017 Release in preparation for P350 ‘Introduction of a seasonal Zonal Transmission Losses scheme’ (implementation date 1 April 2018). Please see the P350 Implementation page for the new and amended Code Subsidiary Documents (CSD) and amended Configurable Items (CI). Some of these CIs are impacted by other changes in the June 2017 Release and were issued for industry review separately late April 2017.

* Ofgem has approved the request to defer the implementation date of approved modification P297 ‘Receipt and Publication of New and Revised Dynamic Data Items’ from the June 2017 Release to the November 2018 Release (1 November 2018).

P329 – Changes to REMIT inside information reporting

P329 Modification seeks to standardise the information submitted by Market Participants on the REMIT Electricity GB platform, BMRS, allowing the Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators (ACER) to collect the information. Market Participants who currently submit REMIT Information on BMRS via the Elexon Portal or National Grid’s Market Operation Data Interface System (MODIS) will need to amend their systems to submit the updated information in Extensible Markup Language (XML). To allow Market Participants to assess the impact of the changes to their systems, Elexon has published the following documents:

Notes and presentation slides from the P329 Forum held on 9 November 2016.

The slides from the Participant Test Briefing on 5 April which include:

  • Participant Test Plan
  • Screenshots of the amended systems i.e. MODIS and Portal
  • Details of live cut-over

Link to: National Grid MODIS webpage for:

  • ETR-ACER REMIT NG-Market Interface Specification
  • MODIS User Guide Screens

Document Impact Matrix

The June 2017 Document Impact Matrix will be updated as new Change Proposals are approved for the Release.

(Latest version: v9.0 dated 9 June 2017)


If you have any queries regarding the June 2017 Release, please contact the Release Manager, Lori Martin, by emailing [email protected]



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