November 2014 Release

Scope of the Release

The scope of the Release currently includes one Approved Modification and three approved Change Proposals:

  • P283 – Reinforcing the Commissioning of Metering Equipment Processes;
  • CP1405 – Facilitating Faster Switching in the NHH Market;
  • CP1408 – Excessively Large EAC/AA Control Points;
  • CP1412 – Reporting of deleted BOAs within the SAA-I014 report; and 
  • CP1413 – Amendments to BSCP535 ‘Technical Assurance’ following a review.

Impact Matrix

Click here to open the November 2014 Release Impact Matrix. This document will be updated as new Modifications and/or Change Proposals are approved for inclusion in the Release.

Documents to be Amended as Part of the Release

The documents below are the redlined versions which have been amended for the November 2014 Release (CP1408)






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