November 2018 BSC Release

Scope of the Release

The implementation date for this release is 1 November 2018.

The final scope of the Release is two approved Modifications and nine approved Change Proposals

P356 – Aligning the BSC with Grid Code Modification GC0099 ‘Establishing a common approach to interconnector scheduling consistent with the single intraday market coupling processes set out within Regulation (EU) 2015/1222 (CACM)’

P368 – Amendments to Section Z to facilitate the production of the PAF Procedures

P305 Part 2 – Replacement of Static LoLP with Dynamic LoLP and changes to VoLL and PAR values

CP1495 – Introduction of a rejection response dataflow for a D0170 ‘Request for Meter System Related Details’ request from the Meter Operator Agent to the Licensed Distribution System Operator where a D0215 ‘Provision of Site Technical Details’ response is required (and related MRA Change DTC CP 3523).

CP1496 – Introduction of two data flows for the Commissioning process for Half Hourly (HH) Supplier Volume Allocation (SVA) Current Transformer (CT) operated Metering Systems (and related MRA Change DTC CP 3522).

CP1497 – Introduction of data flows for Half Hourly Meter Operator Agents to pass on Commissioning information when there is a Change of Agent.

CP1503 – Changes to European Transparency Regulation data

CP1504 – Amend BSCP201’s references to dual/single pricing

CP1506 – New Interconnector fuel type

CP1507 – Updates to BSCP520 to align with working practices

CP1505 – Offsite Commissioning of current transformers

CP1509 – Amend BSCP503 to add new recipients of the D0355 data flow

Additional Scope Information

System Changes

The November 2018 includes two Change Proposals (CP1503 and CP1506) which impact the Balancing Mechanism Reporting Service (BMRS)

CP1503: Changes to European Transparency Regulation data to align with latest ENTSO-e Manual of Procedures

CP1503 will amend some of the existing European Transparency Regulation Data (ETR) flows and provide improvement to existing ETR outage reports on BMRS website. These include:

  • Article 14.1b: (B1420) Installed Generation Capacity Per Unit;
  • Article 14.1d: (B1440) Generation Forecasts For Wind And Solar;
  • Article 17.1h: B1780 Aggregated Imbalance Volumes;
  • Article 17.1b: (B1720) Amount of Balancing Reserves Under Contract;
  • Article 17.1c: (B1730) Prices of Procured Balancing Reserves and
  • Article 13.1c: (B1330) Costs Of Congestion Management.

Additionally the ETR outage reports on the BMRS website (Articles 15.1a, 15.1b, 15.1c & 15.1d) will be improved.

CP1506: New Interconnector fuel type

CP1506 seeks to enable the BMRS to receive and publish additional interconnector Fuel Type data (Nemo Link Interconnector). This data will be articulated within the Generation reports on the BMRS website, API, Data Push Service and TIBCO ; these include:

  • Electricity Data Summary – Generation by Fuel Type;
  • Electricity Data Summary – Average Half Hourly Interconnector flows;
  • Electricity Data Summary – Rolling System Demand;
  • Generation – Generation by Fuel Type – 24 hours instantaneous;
  • Generation – Generation by Fuel Type – Current/Historic;
  • Generation – 2-14 Day Ahead – Output Usable – National;
  • Generation – 2-52 Week Ahead – Output Usable – National and
  • Demand – Rolling System Demand.

The complete changes for CP1503 and CP1506 can be found in the CP1503 -Final report  and CP1506 Final Report respectively.

Most of the changes for CP1503 and CP1506 will impact the BMRS APIs. The changes will be documented within the API User guide and shared with Market Participants ahead of the participant testing scheduled for early October 2018.

P305 (Part 2):  Replacement of Static LoLP with Dynamic LoLP and changes to VoLL and PAR values

P305 Part 2 will introduce the following:

  • Loss of Load Probability (LoLP) will be calculated by National Grid using the Dynamic method set out in the 

Loss of Load Probability Calculation Statement;

  • Value of Lost Load (VoLL) will increase to £6,000/MWh (from £3,000)
  • Price Averaging Reference (PAR) will be reduced to 1 MWh (from 50MWh)

P297: Receipt and Publication of New and Revised Dynamic Data Items

Ofgem approved an extension to the Implementation Date for Approved Modification P297 to the earlier of:

i) 31 January 2019; or

ii) The Implementation Date for (Approved) Modification P373

Ofgem’s letter outlining the rationale for its decision can be found on the P297 webpage.

The BSC Panel will consider the Draft Modification Report following the Report Phase Consultation for related Modification P373 ‘Reversing the changes relating to Approved Modification P297’ at its meeting on 8 November 2018.

Document Changes

CP1495, CP1496 and CP1497

The BSC Operations (metering) team held an education day on 7 June 2018 to inform industry of the changes introduced by these change proposals. A new guidance note will also be circulated for your review in September 2018.


November 2018 BSC Release - Impact Matrix.


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