Wider Access Standalone Release

Scope of the Release

The current scope of this release is to implement the following two industry-led changes.

P344 Project TERRE implementation into GB market arrangements:  This release will implement Wider Market Access enabling independent aggregators, also known as Virtual Lead Parties (VLPs), to participate in the
GB Balancing Mechanism as part of P344. 

In November Ofgem granted National Grid ESO’s request for a derogation from participation in Project TERRE. The decision confirms that National Grid ESO will defer the implementation of TERRE until such time as the French system operator, RTE, starts using the TERRE platform, or until RTE makes its cross-zonal capacity available for exchange or 30 June 2020, whichever of these come first.

CP1517 Changes to BSC Configurable Items for the TERRE Final Implementation Date:

The Release was implemented successfully on 11th December 2019.

  • P344 Implementation Guidance Page: Refer to this page if you want more information on how Project TERRE and Wider Access to the Balancing Mechanism are related to each other.
  • About TERRE and Wider Access: Refer to this page if you want an overview of Wider Access and TERRE
  • Market Entry Process: Refer to this page if you are a Virtual Lead Party (VLP) and want to participate in the Wider Access to the Balancing Mechanism.
  • Industry Test Strategy: Refer to this document for Elexon’s strategy for testing Wider Access and TERRE arrangements with industry participants.

  • Wider Access Impact on New and Existing BSC Parties: Refer to this document if you want more information on the impact of Wider Access Release on New and Existing BSC Parties.
  • All circulars relating to this release can be found here.
  • Modification P344 Implementation Date Notice issued by NGESO can be found here


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