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Section D: BSC Cost Recovery and Participation Charges

Section D outlines the recovery by ELEXON through BSCCo Charges of BSC Costs, which are the costs that ELEXON incurs in operating the trading arrangements. ELEXON’s costs and the contracted costs of BSC Agents are paid for by BSC Parties as described in Section D of the BSC. The amount each BSC Party pays (Funding Shares) depends on their market role and the volume of energy they generate, supply or trade. Funding Share data by month can be found on the ELEXON Portal.

Content list

  • BSC Costs
  • Annual BSC Costs
  • Funding Shares
  • Specified BSC Charges
  • Net Annual Costs
  • Recovery of BSC Costs
  • Payment of BSCCo Charges
  • Table 1 – Summary of BSC Costs and Charges Cost or Charge