Section F: Modification Procedures

Section F sets out the rules and procedures for modifying the Balancing and Settlement Code (BSC, the Code). This includes procedures for proposing, consulting on, developing, evaluating and reporting to the Authority on potential modifications. Section F also sets out rules and procedures for the creation and modification of Code Subsidiary Documents (CSDs) and provisions relating to change coordination and Information System (IS) Policies.

Content list

Background Legal Framework

Modification of the Code

  • Modification
  • Role of the Panel, ELEXON and the Modification Secretary
  • Modification Register
  • Monthly Progress Report
  • Standing Lists
  • Change Co-ordination
  • Role of the Transmission Company
  • Interpretation

BSC Modification Procedures

  • Modification Proposals
  • Panel Proceedings
  • Amalgamation
  • Establishment of Workgroups
  • Definition Procedure
  • Assessment Procedure
  • Report Phase
  • Send Back Process
  • Analysis of the Transmission Company
  • Urgent Code Modifications
  • Confidentiality
  • Implementation

Creation and Modification of Code Subsidiary Documents
IS Policies
Significant Code Review


  • Determination of Self-Governance
  • Withdrawal of a Self-Governance Statement
  • Implementation of a Self-Governance Modification Proposal
  • Appeal relating to the Panel’s determination of a Self-Governance Modification Proposal

Fast Track Self-Governance
Authority raised or directed Modification Proposals
Section F Annex F-1: Contents of Reports


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