Section H: General

Section H sets out arrangements for the initial establishment of Code Subsidiary Documents; the relationship of the BSC with other documents; arrangements that applied to the commencement of trading under the BSC; arrangements covering Default under the BSC; the ownership, use and disclosure of data; audit provisions in the BSC; the limitation of liability of Parties under the BSC; arrangements for the resolution of disputes; and the legal and contractual relationship between Parties.

Content list

  • Structure, Code Subsidiary Documents, Access to the BSC, Relationship with other Documents
  • Commencement and Term
  • Default
  • Confidentiality and Other Intellectual Property Rights
  • Audit
  • Liability and Related Issues
  • Dispute Resolution
  • References to the Authority

A number of general provisions are contained in Section H that cover assignment of rights or obligations under the BSC or the Framework Agreement, methods of communication (post, fax and email) between Parties under the BSC/BSCPs and their deemed receipt rules, waiver, rights of third parties, language, severance of terms, entire agreement, arrangements to apply if the Euro is introduced, jurisdiction and governing law.


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