Section K: Classification and Registration of Metering Systems and BM Units

Section K of the BSC deals with the classification and registration of Metering Systems, BM Units and Trading Units. The main issues covered include: identifying the Parties that are responsible for Imports and/or Exports of energy at Boundary Points; registering the Metering Systems that measure Imports and Exports of energy in the names of the Parties responsible for them; registering BM Units and assigning BM Units to Trading Units; registering the Metering Systems at Systems Connection Points in the names of the Parties responsible for them; the approval of Line Loss Factors by the Panel; and the process to be followed in the event that a Supplier Fails.

Content list

  • Responsibility for Imports and Exports
  • Systems Connection Points
  • Exemptable Generating Plant
  • Metering Systems
  • Line Loss Factors
  • Establishment of Group GSPs
  • Metering System Registration
  • Registration in CMRS
  • Registration in SMRS

BM Units

  • Configuration of BM Units
  • Registration of BM Units
  • Generation Capacity (“GC”), Demand Capacity (“DC”)
  • Credit Qualifying BM Units
  • Trading Units

Failing Supplier Process


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