Section O: Communications Under the Code

Section O of the BSC primarily addresses data communications and sets out an outline of the arrangements for Communications under the BSC; requirements to be complied with by Parties and Party Agents to be able to send certain Communications to BSC Agents and ensure that certain Communications are received; requirements for the form of certain Communications between Parties or Party Agents and BSC Agents; and the basis upon which certain Communications will be treated as received by a Party or a BSC Agent for the purposes of the BSC.

In addition, Section O identifies SVA Communications as those communications sent and received by SVA data parties using the Managed Data Network, or an alternative method of data transfer approved by the Panel.

These can be approved as long as the charges for using the alternative transfer method are lower than those for using the Managed Data Network. Section O does not cover SVA Communications using the Managed Data Network; however it does cover SVA Communications using another approved method of SVA data transfer.

Content list

  • General
  • Communications Requirements Document
  • Parties’ Obligations
  • Rules as to Communications


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