Section Q: Balancing Services Activities

Section Q deals with the submission of data items in respect of relevant BM Units in accordance with the Grid Code; the submission of Physical Notifications in accordance with the Grid Code, to enable Final Physical Notification Data to be submitted by the NETSO; arrangements for the submission by Lead Parties of Bid-Offer Pairs for relevant BM Units and for the acceptance of Bids and Offers by the NETSO; the submission by the NETSO of Acceptance Data for the purposes of Section T and Section V; the submission by National Grid of Balancing Services Adjustment Data; the submission by the NETSO to the Balancing Mechanism Reporting Agent (BMRA) of other operational data items for the purposes of Section V.

Content list

  • Data Submission by Lead Party
  • Final Physical Notification Data
  • Balancing Mechanism Bid Offer Submission

Balancing Mechanism Bid Offer Acceptance

  • Bid-Offer Acceptances
  • Acceptance Data
  • Suspension of balancing mechanism
  • Historic balancing mechanism prices

Submission of Data by the NETSO

  • Submission of data to the BMRA
  • Submission of data to the ECVAA
  • Submission of data to the CDCA
  • Submission of data to the SVAA
  • Supplemental Balancing Reserve
  • Submission of Balancing Mechanism data to the SAA
  • Balancing Services Adjustment Data
  • Applicable Balancing Services Volume
  • Transparency Regulation Data
  • Loss of Load Probability Function
  • Demand Control Instructions
  • Manifest Errors
  • Meaning of Manifest Error
  • Claiming Manifest Errors
  • Flagging Manifest Errors
  • Determination of Manifest Errors
  • Adjustments to Bid or Offer Price
  • Error compensation amounts


  • General
  • Claim for compensation following an unplanned outage
  • Compensation Entitlements


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