Issue 100

Formal title: Assessing BSC Black Start processes to support NGESO’s Distributed ReStart project

Current Status


National Grid Electricity System Operator’s Distributed ReStart project seeks to enable distribution-connected Plant to participate in an updated version of Electricity System Restoration (currently defined as Black Start in the BSC). This will broaden the range of providers who can offer the service, the networks it can be provided from and the situations in which these providers may be utilised.

Distributed ReStart is a project exploring how distributed energy resources such as solar, wind and hydro, can be used to restore power to the transmission network in the unlikely event of a blackout, i.e., provide a Black Start service. It is expected that the provision of this new service will commence from 2025 onwards.

The Issue Group will consider any BSC impacts and whether any changes to the BSC, Code Subsidiary Documents or BSC systems are required.


Issue 100 was raised by National Grid ESO on 5 April 2022.

The first Issue 100 Workgroup meeting was held on Friday 24 June 2022. The Workgroup discussed the background to Issue 100, potential BSC impacts and agreed areas for further development at future Workgroup meetings.

Next Events

The Proposer has agreed to pause the work of Issue 100 pending the outcome of a subgroup of Grid Code Modification GC0156: Facilitating the Implementation of the Electricity System Restoration Standard. 

We expect that the output of the subgroup will be important for the Issue 100 Workgroup to consider when making recommendations for BSC changes to support Distributed ReStart.

If you wish to join the Issue Group or be added to the distribution list, please e-mail [email protected].


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