Issue 13: Codes of Practice applicable to Metering Systems

Formal title: Codes of Practice applicable to Metering Systems

Current Status


The Code requires Metering Equipment to comply with the relevant Code of Practice (CoP) current at the time of first registration (L 3.2.2). However, a number of Metering Systems have been installed for a time prior to registration and the CoP to which they were installed had lapsed. As a consequence, a number of Metering Systems are found unnecessarily non compliant during technical audits.


This issue was raised following discussion of SVG paper 44/001.
The Code of Practice (CoP) applicable to a Metering System relates back to the first registration. However, Metering Systems may have been installed some time prior to registration. This results in Technical Assurance assessment against a non compliance.
The SSMG met with the Chairman of the Association of Meter Operators on 13 December 2004. The SSMG recommends that a Modification be raised to address the points raised.
A full report of Issue 13 can be found in Panel paper 88/001(e)


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