Issue 29: Profile Administration (PrA) Model

Formal title: Profile Administration (PrA) Model

Current Status

There are a number of issues relating to data collection and recruitment with the existing PrA Model. The data collection issues include lack of available space for new metering equipment, incomplete GSM signal coverage and liability issues. Additionally, there are issues around the lack of diversity and regional coverage for potential PrA sample participants. In order to resolve these issues an alternative PrA Model may be required. A new model may require a modification of the BSC in order to make the requirements mandatory for Suppliers. A ‘Straw Man’ PrA Model has been put forward in order that the feasibility and desirability of an alternative PrA Model can be discussed.


The Issue 29 group held its second meeting on 16 November 2007. Further to the previous discussions the group agreed that a Modification of the Code would be necessary. Furthermore, the group identified some changes to the Straw Man Model that would be required. The main changes can be summarised as follows:

  • The PrA will specify the sampling requirement and Elexon will define the requirement from each Supplier;
  • There will be a new PrA MPID but this will be owned by the PrA Agents rather than Elexon;
  • The Supplier will have the choice of providing the required sample data itself or can appoint the PrA’s Agents to arrange collection of the data;
  • There will be a generic contract set up between the Suppliers, the PrA and its Agents;
  • The Supplier will remain responsible for the performance of the PrA Agents; and
  • Defined action to be taken to be the PrA on Change of Supplier and Change of Tenant.

It is envisaged that an issue group member will raise the defined Modification.


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